Product Descriptions:

  • Made in USA – 100% Satisfaction and Authentic GuaranteedProduct descriptionProperties •Is an important protein for our body, which forms the connective tissue. •Mainly provides the elasticity of our skin, preventing wrinkles and sagging. •Collagen contains 30% of the proteins present in our organism and comprising 90% of dry weight of the skin. •Collagen is a component of essential protein in bones, tendons and cartilage, so your daily intake helps prevent osteoporosis which is a condition of the fragile bone due to reduced bone mass, which makes people very sensitive to fractures, no matter how small be the accident. ( 12/2019)


      Brand:                             Unbranded
      Model:                             Collagen Hydrolyzed 1000mg Skin Nails
      Warranty Type:                No Warranty
      Ingredient:                      Collagen